7 reasons to buy medicines online with discount

Buy Genuine Medicines Online

In 1811 first medical store was opened by Scotch M Bathgate in Kolkata. This was the beginning of pharmacy practice in India. This began an organized dispensing of medicines in India.

In the current scenario, medicines are dispensed in the following ways: Online Pharmacy, Doctor Dispensing, Retail Pharmacy, Hospital Attached Pharmacy.

Medicines are boon for diseased persons, health issues lead to many personal problems like reduced likeliness of living, family issues, performance issues in their profession, financial issues, and many more.

Being in the profession of healthcare we strongly believe that if we cannot help Indian citizens then there is no use of chemist180 being in the healthcare industry.

We strictly procure Medicines from pharmaceutical companies’ authorized suppliers and follow all the given guidelines to maintain quality storage conditions of the medicines we dispense.

At chemist180 medicines dispensed are from pharmaceutical companies that manufacture in government-approved conditions with strict compliance with the Standard operating procedures.

Likewise, we ensure dispensing Genuine Medicines.

Regular Medicine reminders

In the current scenario in India patients suffering from blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid, kidney disease, and cancer are increasing day by day.

Patients suffering from this disease should continue medication on routine bases. Patients usually are old aged depended on the next generation for buying medicines.

Here chemist180 can act as a boon for their uninterrupted medicine dosage. Chemist180 provides reminders to patients beforehand so that they can avail their medicines. Free home delivery of medicines is provided to patients.

Online Medicine Free Home Delivery

Post-COVID-19 Indians are adapted to procure their daily usage materials online. Medicine requirement is also a top priority. Chemsit180 delivers medicines pan India at patients’ doorsteps.

Chemsit180 provides service of free home delivery in 19000 + pin codes across India covering Metros like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Lucknow, non-metros, and interior areas of India.

Prefer Generic Online Pharmacy Chemist180

Buy Generic medicines from India’s top pharmaceutical companies

India ranks third worldwide for pharmaceutical production by volume and exports quality medicines to more than 200 countries and territories.

As per the data in 2020 India exported a total of $ 24.6 Billion of medicines to other countries. These all medicines are Generic medicines.

Indian Pharmaceutical companies that contribute to these are Cipla, Intas, Cadila, Zydus, Dr. Morepen, and many more. Chemsit180 procures generic medicines from those companies and dispenses them to patients.

Generic medicines procured from these top 15 pharmaceutical companies are manufactured in WHO GMP-approved manufacturing plants. Approved by the Government of India with Strick manufacturing and raw material regulations.

At Chemist180 we believe in procuring medicines from those companies and we assure the quality of Generic medicines that we dispense.

Get a Computerized bill with legible MRP, Batch number, and Expiry date.

MRP, Batch number, and Expiry date provided on medicines are very important for identifying genuine medicines. Chemsit180 ensures that all medicines dispensed have legible MRP, Batch Number, and Expiry Date.

Against purchase of medicines, we provide computerized bills to all our customers. Along with this we also provide a comparison sheet of branded and generic medicines.

Get Promo Discounts and Gifts

For the customers paying less and getting more is always motivation. Nowadays for a normal Indian family, almost 30-50 % of the monthly budget is spent on medicines.

By buying medicines online from the chemist180 website or mobile application on Android or iOS, customers can get additional benefits like

  • Application Installation benefit of Rs. 200 in Chemist180 wallet
  • Referral Bonus Rs. 250
  • Gift on every second order of the month
  • UPTO 300 Rs. in mob Kwik wallet (limited period offer)

Buy medicine and get a higher discount

Healthcare is nowadays a huge burden on families’ budgets, in some case, healthcare expense reaches almost 50-60 % of total family income.

In the other words, people must compromise on their necessities like groceries, Kids’ Education, EMI Loans, Future Dreams, Savings, and many more.

The average Yearly Cost for a diabetic patient is more than 35000, including Dr consulting expenses, Lab tests, and medicines. Here through chemist180, we try to reduce their healthcare expense so that patients do not have to compromise on their other expenses.

Chemsit180 provides medicines for all therapies which include blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid, kidney disease, cancer, and many more. Generic medicines are provided at higher discounts at chemist180.

Generic medicines provided at chemist180 are of higher quality and lowest rate compared with any other online pharmacy in India.

Generic Medicines Scenario world

If we consider western countries, 8 out of 10 people want to take generic medicines.

 In America, around 57% of patients prefer generic medicines only.

 In Canada, 7 patients out of 10 patients’ prescriptions are filled with Generic medicines.

India is the largest pharmaceutical manufacturer and exporter; India provides around 22 billion US dollars of generic medicines to the world yearly.

Developed countries like America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom prefer generic medicines over non-generic medicines or branded medicines.