What are the benefits of taking yoga?

Yoga is one of the oldest Indian practices. It’s an invaluable gift that traces back 5000 years old. You can call yoga a practice that guides the unity between mind and body. Yoga also provokes thoughts, and actions and also establishes harmony between man and nature. Yoga is a holistic approach to an individual’s health and well-being.

Yoga helps in balancing and developing the physical, mental and spiritual beings. Yoga is not about exercise but discovering the sense of togetherness within oneself. Yogic practices recharge one’s mind with cosmic energy and promote self-healing, increase self-awareness, and reduce stress and tension.

Now, let us understand the importance of yoga.

Yoga improves posture

Working hours in the office and viewing the phone for long deforms the body posture. Practicing yoga asana as ‘Gomukhasana’ helps improve the body’s deformed posture. It also prevents neck and lower back pain and helps to correct the body posture. These are the benefits of Gomukhasana.

Yoga builds muscle strength

Yoga tones the weak muscle of the body. Yoga strengthens those weak muscles and makes them capable of sustaining strain and stretches. Practicing yoga Asanas as ‘Vrikshasana’ helps in toning the leg muscles. In addition, the asana helps in strengthening the hips and pelvic region, promotes balance, improves posture, and helps build focus and concentration. These are the benefits of Vrikshasana.

Yoga helps in controlling diabetes

Diabetes is a major problem in today’s modern world. Unhealthy habits have contributed to increasing type 2 diabetes in the population. Practicing yoga Asana like ‘Bhujangasana’ helps stimulate hormones from abdominal organs. The yogic asana helps produce insulin hormone from the pancreas, which in turn controls diabetes. The asana also boosts blood circulation, regulates the menstrual cycle and relieves stress and fatigue. These are the benefits of Bhujangasana.

Yoga improves functions of the lungs

Certain yogic poses and practices help increase the overall air capacity of the lungs. For example, practicing yoga Asana as ‘Trikonasana’ helps open the chest and shoulders. The yogic pose helps the lungs to allow easier air passage. It stimulates the nervous system and expands the chest cavity. It also helps in opening the pelvis by stretching the pelvic ligaments. These are the benefits of Trikonasana.

Yoga reduces stress

Stress is a major problem in modern society. Yogic asanas like ‘Sukhasana’ help in reducing mental and physical exhaustion. The asana lengthens your spine and opens your hip muscles. The asana helps reduce stress levels in the body and helps attain peace. These are the benefits of Sukhasana.

Yoga helps in weight loss

Yoga uses all the body muscles. The body muscles stretch and relax, contributing to the release of energy. The Asanas make the body sweat within minutes, which indicates that the body is burning calories. Moreover, burning calories like this have a long-lasting effect.

Yoga improves sleep

Certain yogic Asanas like ‘Savasana’ help in reducing stress and lower anxiety level, which makes the body comfortable to sleep. The asana calms down the nervous system and relaxes the body muscles.
These are the benefits of Savasana.

Yoga builds focus and patience

Focus and patience are two major qualities that one requires to counter the adverse condition. Certain yogic practices like ‘Vrikshasana’ aiming to attain stability and grace like a tree. The asana helps to increase focus and patience in the body. As the asana is performed, all the muscles and nerves stretch and get rid of numbness. This asana helps you improve self-esteem and confidence. These are the benefits of Vrikshasana.

Yoga controls hypertension problems

Yogic asanas like ‘Vajrasana’ help in reducing blood pressure problems. The Asana increases blood circulation, treats constipation, and reduces stress. These are the benefits of Vajrasana.

Yoga helps in achieving muscular flexibility

Muscular flexibility can be achieved through various yogic practices. Muscular flexibility reduces the tightness of muscles. The Asanas like ‘Dhanurasana’ help in achieving muscular flexibility by doing the bow pose. These are the benefits of Dhanurasana.

All these yogic asanas help one to attain a healthy life. Yoga is not only a way to achieve physical health but also a way to achieve mental satisfaction. Yoga is not a religion. It is a way that leads to living toward a healthy mind in a healthy body. Yoga removes the toxins from one’s body. It provides freedom from all the negative thoughts of one’s mind. The true essence of yoga is to awake the ‘Kundalini’, which is at the base of the spine.